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04-17-13 Truth News Radio Australia




Remains of the pressure cooker bomb believed to been packed with ball bearings

Today’s show focusses on the recent terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon. Our aim is to understand the underlying “message” behind this attack, and to deconstruct the MSM propaganda which seeks to portray this as the act of some fringe groups who are disgruntled over gun ownership legislation and the intrusion of government into their private lives.

We suggest that the propaganda message being broadcast is indeed far more important than the event itself, which while tragic for those directly involved, was insignificant compared to the daily road toll.

The Boston attacks have triggered discussion in Australian media about the threat of “ideological terrorist attacks” – and we provide an alternate analysis of this information.

Also in today’s show we take a look at the plunging carbon price in Europe (and what that really signifies), as well as some recent developments in the war against vaccine dissidents in Australia.

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One Response to 04-17-13 Truth News Radio Australia

  1. I listened to your show on Wednesday about the Boston Bombing, and you said that we need to quit saying that everything and thinking that everything is a conspiracy when it comes to our so called government. YOUR WRONG!!, That is all our government does is cover stuff up and they have the history to prove it, YOU KNOW THAT and so does everyone else.. So why are you trying to deflect the issue?? by telling us to keep an open mind??. It’s a proven fact the government hired a whole lot of people to infiltrate social networking sites and radio talk show like this one to plant doubt and spread misinformation. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM! To anyone who listens to this guy think about what he is saying and then research it for yourself

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