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05-16-12 Truth News Radio Australia

In the first hour I am joined by George Georgios to discuss the European fincancial crisis, with an emphasis on Greece. Mr. Georgios is Greek by birth and has a deep understanding of the Greek people and their culture.

In the 2nd hour of today’s show, Anthony Hall returns to critique the newly released report from the European Commission on the health effects of of x-ray body scanners (

Anthony Hall is a Senior Reporting Radiographer, and holds a Bsc (hons) in Diagnostic Radiography. He is responsible both for the imaging of patients and producing medical reports. He further holds the position of radiation protection supervisor at the hospital where he works. Mr. Hall is therefore well qualified to give an opinion on the quality of the EC report and on the safety of x-ray scanners generally.

During our discussion we look at the new report in the context of previous reports and the concerns which have been rasied by experts in the past. It becomes clear that this report merey repeats the flawed methodology which has been severely criticised by Professor J.W. Sedat in a 2011 letter ( to Barrack Obama’s Science Advisor John Holdren.



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