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08-16-17 The Crypto Show



On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” lawyer Jeffrey D. Welsh, partner at Frontera Law Group ( discusses with us the legal and regulatory environment for cannabis in California and other cannabis-legal states as well as the reasons why most cannabis businesses are forced to use cash and unable to use banks (and how California is largely an exception). We talk about the corporatization of the industry, why the Feds sometimes raid grow operations in legal states, and outlines some strategies that other states have used to get legalization passed that activists in Texas could use.

In the second hour, or guest is Heather Fazio of the Marijuana Policy Project. She recaps some of the hard work and successes already achieved by groups like hers at the Texas legislature prior to the most recent session, as well as some of the achievements from this most recent session. She then talks about the important strategy shift of promoting and increasing activism when the legislature is not in session, the sort of “off-season” tactics in the struggle for our cannabis rights.

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