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08-02-17 The Crypto Show



On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Jonathan Mohan and The Dollar Vigilante’s Jeff Berwick join us to discuss the recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork and its ramifications. We discuss the moral validity of the decision by some of the exchanges NOT to disburse Bitcoin Cash to their customers; Jonathan explores the possiblity of Bitcoin “endlessly” forking through every contentious soft fork becoming a hard fork; Jeff expresses his concerns about Segwit2x but also his admiration for the free market and how it has made current circumstances probably better than could have been expected; we compare the Ethereum fork to this recent fork; and we also speculate on the long-term outcome for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and the the other cryptos. We get Jeff to give us a quick update on the upcoming Anarchapulco conference, and Danny gives us a brief update on the Texas Bitcoin Conference in October. Both Jonathan and Jeff, as to be expected, give some very cogent answers to some difficult questions and also offer some brilliant and profound insights into the crypto space above and beyond.

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