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06-28-17 The Crypto Show



On Tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Danny has returned to Denver with Matt Monsour of “Ink It Over.” Our guests in studio are “Dances With Bitcoin,” a.k.a., Brian Deary, Chief Scientist of Factom, and Marco Pierbaum, formerly of Coinvoice and currently with the development team of Decred (

At this time post recording the Dash ATM is up and running at 2110 Gilpin st. Denver Co. Blocks from Denver University and right next-door to Starbuds a local cannabis dispensary.

Matt cracks us up and informs us that his new Bitcoin/Dash ATM is having some difficulty with respect to the set-up process, but that Matt will have a tech buddy of his assist in getting it fully operational. We then discuss a little about the cannabis industry and Ethereum and crypto.

Marco regales us with the details behind the cryptocurrency project “Decred,” going into detail concerning its voting operations. Brian asks many pointed questions concerning the project, and we barely get a chance to discuss Ethereum. This show ends up being a lot of fun while being highly informative about a powerful crypto creeping below the surface that many might be aware of but probably should be keeping an eye on.

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