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12-11-15 Rule of Law

Friday Night Info Marathon with special guest Michael Mirras and hosts Randy Kelton and Deborah Stevens. Michael and the hosts discuss how to deal with debt collectors, creditors, and the credit bureaus, and take your calls.

Later in the show Deborah discusses “the funny money system” and the inherent “commercial agreement” nature of the entire legal system, how there is no such thing as an “unconstitutional law,” and how there is no such thing as “unconstitutional funny money.” Deborah discusses the agorist approach of individuals empowering themselves by learning the law, taking control of their own situation, the power of engaging the courts as pro-se litigants, and opting out of “the funny money system” as well as opting out of nuisance regulatory statutes, as a way to deal with “the funny money system” and “big government” by making them obsolete.





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