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11-28-11 Rule of Law

Eddie’s Night.



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  1. Update on Randy’s contempt hearing.

    Eddie first discusses new, updated traffic seminar docs.

    Eddie then reviews proper actions to take at a traffic stop.

    Callers. Jim in Kansas; seatbelt ticket as a secondary violation. Common general questions and methods about court procedure and why general principle arguments do not work in ‘victimless crime’ criminal matters. Mal prohibitum.

    Woody in Texas; tape recording traffic stops. Red light camera tickets and bills of attainder, bills of pain and penalties. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for an ambulance bill.

    Esperanza in Texas; livestock permit. Ordinances.

    Steph in Texas; speeding in an Austin school zone. Austin tix usually invalid as matter of law pursuant to TTC 708.105, which give citation reqs.

    Kieth in Texas; abusive citation. Citation issued by officer who did not witness event. TTC 543.001 But SNM pleaded and signed agreement. Only recourse now is collections screwup under FDCPA.

    Grant in Texas; Austin city alarm permit. Ordinance vs. law.

    Jim in Kansas again. Purpose of magistrate. Arrest vs. custodial arrest – the purpose for questions 2 and 3 at a traffic stop. (Am I under arrest? Am I free to go?) Only a belligerent claimant has rights! // Dealing with ‘legal conclusion’ court objections. // Dismissal w prejudice, dismissal w/o prejudice.

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