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12-14-09 Rule Of Law

Monday nights are now officially “Eddie’s Night”, dedicated to traffic and transportation issues. Eddie presents material concerning motions to dismiss, and callers call in with questions on traffic tickets.



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  1. nescience says:

    “Eddie’s Monday Night Traffic Show”.

    Michael Mirras CDs are now being sold for $150.

    A discussion of Section 553 (“Rule making”) of Title 5 of the United States Code [from the federal Administrative Procedures Act, 5 USC 551 - 559].

    5 USC 553, subsection (c) begins: “After notice required by this section, the agency shall give interested persons an opportunity to participate in the rule making through submission of written data, views, or arguments with or without opportunity for oral presentation. . .”.

    5 USC 553, subsection (d) begins: “The required publication or service of a substantive rule shall be made not less than 30 days before its effective date, . . .”. Some (government) people do not seem to want the participation of We the People.

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