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12-04-09 Rule Of Law

Special Guest Financial Analyst Steve.







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  1. nescience says:

    Hours 1 & 2:
    Financial analyst Steve (IL) tells us why it is so important for everyone to “sell paper”, that is, divest one’s financial portfolio of investments denominated in Federal Reserve Notes (and other fiat currencies). He also talks about “commission politicians” and the upcoming Bailout II in the first and second quarters of 2010.

    Hours 3 & 4:
    Steve on Dubai’s amazing debt problem. [Note: Do a search for pictures of “Dubai skyscrapers”.] Also an in-depth look at the massive derivatives market in the world today and the probability of global collapse. On a similar subject, gold and silver WILL explode in price when this occurs.

    More of the value of precious metals. Steve take questions and comments from call-ins. The future value of another (soon-to-be) precious metal: lead.
    [Also see Steve’s interviews on the ROL shows dated 20100305 and 20100618.]

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