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12-03-09 Rule Of Law

Deborah reports on the attempted murder of former IRS agent Sherry Peel Jackson, and reads her letter from federal prison describing the obvious intentional neglect of a deadly thyroid disease she developed while in prison and her plea for help to save her life. The story of Congressman George Hansen is discussed.

Special Guest Lou Watson speaks on the IRS code.



2 Responses to 12-03-09 Rule Of Law

  1. nescience says:

    Our federal prison system is attempting to murder Sherry Peel Jackson (ex-IRS examiner and famous member of the tax honesty movement) by withholding medical care from her.

    Lou Watson speaks on the subject of IRS liens.

  2. nescience says:

    We Are Change leafleteers tell of being arrested and beaten at an Oklahoma City mall. Plenty of security cameras were in the area. A tale from the Police State.

    Randy and Deborah briefly discuss Eric Madsen mistakes [at 1h23m].

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