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01-18-10 Rise Up Radio

Hour 1: John & Catherine pay tribute to Martin Luther King, today being MLK day. Then the hosts play an audio clip of John Bush himself confronting Ron Paul face to face about why he’s calling for people to support the entrenched fat-cat, 2-time bailout voter, funding-for-the-war-in-Iraq voter, and patriot act supporter Lamar Smith. Ron Paul’s answer is chilling. In-studio guest Brooke engages in the debate. Some callers berate John & Catherine for “betraying” Ron Paul, others support the hosts for speaking out. Gotta hear this one.

Hour 2: Special Guest Michael Bolden of the Tenth Amendment Center. (,

Hour 3: The debate over Ron Paul’s calling for support of Lamar Smith continues to rage. John & Catherine discuss solutions, one of the main ones being for people to support Steven Schoppe who is running against Lamar Smith in the primaries to unseat the fat cat incumbent. Please support Steven Schoppe in the Republican primaries District 21 in Texas. If you don’t live in district 21, please send some money to support Steven Schoppe



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