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05-10-12 INN World Report Radio

Guest Julia Davis.



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  1. Bob Levin says:

    BJ and Julia Davis are my close and trusted personal friends and colleagues. They have endured the covert and overt acts of U.S. government terrorism against whistleblower patriots, truth tellers and American citizens on U.S. soil. They have suffered the PsyOps of CIA “no touch” invisible physical torture and the CIA Torture Paradigm that I assure you are very real and tangible. The United States government could end transnational terrorism today, but it won’t because it would have to bomb itself. The latter being for the reason that the last person a homicidal psychopath or psychopathic groupthink within U.S. government will ever harm is themselves.

    Bob Levin
    Investigative Journalist
    FBI Whistleblower

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