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12-14-11 Free Mind Report

Replay of 05-04-11.

This week our guest will be Robin Young

After the BP Oil Spill, Robin Young was one of the people who spoke out. When the spill started, Young helped form a citizen group called Guardians of the Gulf. The group is a community-based, volunteer nonprofit organization with the purpose of maintaining and improving the standards of performance of professionals in Environmental Health in the Gulf of Mexico region. At first, the group was not focused on health issues. Then, people, including Young, started getting sick. Young says symptoms started after she spent a day near the water in June and she still hasn’t fully recovered. She heard from others in her community and across the Gulf coast with similar problems. Their blood contains high levels of chemicals found in oil and the dispersants that were used to clean up the mess. Some had worked cleaning up the oil, others lived in or had visited places where oil washed ashore. All complained of mysterious ailments that arose after the spill.



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