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  • 08-16-17 The Crypto Show



    On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” lawyer Jeffrey D. Welsh, partner at Frontera Law Group ( discusses with us the legal and regulatory environment for cannabis in California and other cannabis-legal states as well as the reasons why most cannabis businesses are forced to use cash and unable to use banks (and how California is largely an exception). We talk about the corporatization of the industry, why the Feds sometimes raid grow operations in legal states, and outlines some strategies that other states have used to get legalization passed that activists in Texas could use.

    In the second hour, or guest is Heather Fazio of the Marijuana Policy Project. She recaps some of the hard work and successes already achieved by groups like hers at the Texas legislature prior to the most recent session, as well as some of the achievements from this most recent session. She then talks about the important strategy shift of promoting and increasing activism when the legislature is not in session, the sort of “off-season” tactics in the struggle for our cannabis rights.

  • 08-13-17 The Crypto Show



    On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Danny joins us from off the coast of San Francisco on the MAPS (MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD) cruise. We get a chance to talk to a gentleman named Terry about his Bitcoin ATM in San Francisco, and why the government has forced him to move it from a great spot already, and possibly soon from a second great spot.

    We talk to Kevin Mckernan, CSO of Medicinal Genomics, about his experience at the cruise, and then we have a conversation with Matt McKibbin, creator of D10e, who managed a fundraiser for MAPS.

    In the second hour, we talk to Gabriel Schier, one of the founders of Fort Galt, a sort of libertarian community in which people can invest. We discuss that, and then toward the end he tells us about his new schooling idea related to Fort Galt.

  • 08-09-17 The Crypto Show



    On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” we talk to Kevin McKernan of Medicinal Genomics about some of their upcoming product rollouts. We also discuss the upcoming Raise Awareness Cruise for MAPS, the MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy group that focuses primarily on helping those with PTSD using MDMA. We also discuss the psychotherapeutic benefits of cannabis and psylocibin.

    In the second hour we talk to Nuno and Dave, Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director, respectively, of Power Ledger, at Power Ledger is a company that allows peer-to-peer buying and selling of power using blockchain technology, eliminating the power-industry middlemen. There is so much more to it though, so check out the show! Use crypto20 as coupon code for for your discount to the Blockchain Investors Summit.

  • 08-06-17 The Crypto Show



    On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Paul Snow, Founder of Factom and CEO of the Factom Foundation, joins us to recap some of the company’s recent successes and in the process gives a good overview of what the company is all about. He also announces details about the 3rd annual Texas Bitcoin Conference to be held late October here in Austin. We then get into a discussion about the recent Bitcoin fork and resulting Bitcoin Cash, and Paul gives us some illuminating answers concerning the implications of the split and the future of Bitcoin.

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  • 08-02-17 The Crypto Show



    On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Jonathan Mohan and The Dollar Vigilante’s Jeff Berwick join us to discuss the recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork and its ramifications. We discuss the moral validity of the decision by some of the exchanges NOT to disburse Bitcoin Cash to their customers; Jonathan explores the possiblity of Bitcoin “endlessly” forking through every contentious soft fork becoming a hard fork; Jeff expresses his concerns about Segwit2x but also his admiration for the free market and how it has made current circumstances probably better than could have been expected; we compare the Ethereum fork to this recent fork; and we also speculate on the long-term outcome for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and the the other cryptos. We get Jeff to give us a quick update on the upcoming Anarchapulco conference, and Danny gives us a brief update on the Texas Bitcoin Conference in October. Both Jonathan and Jeff, as to be expected, give some very cogent answers to some difficult questions and also offer some brilliant and profound insights into the crypto space above and beyond.

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  • 07-30-17 The Crypto Show



    On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” our guests in studio include “Dances With Bitcoin” (a.k.a., Brian Deary, CSO of Factom) and Jimmy Song, veteran crypto developer with Paxos. We discuss the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hardfork, its history, and its diverse implications. We also briefly touch upon the Segwit2x fork coming in November. Complex but fascinating theoretical discussions about the future of Bitcoin.

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  • 07-26-17 The Crypto Show



    On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” we talk with Eric J. Anderson, a.k.a., “Eijah,” about his ongoing “Demonsaw” project that he has made open-source and is retiring. We talk about his latest project Titan, and the launch party he is cohosting during Defcon on July 27th. (Additional Eijah audio from that launch party will be attached to the show, so listen all the way to the end.) We also talk about his desire to take on encrypted-messaging app “Signal”, which he says isn’t nearly as secure or private as it should or could be, and he wants to create a truly secure alternative.

    Trace Mayer joins the discussion as we talk about ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) and the Ethereum hack, and Trace makes some very insightful points about the events surrounding that hack and whether certain facts indicate incompetence or malfeasance on the part of those behind the Pulse wallets that got compromised. We also briefly discuss the implementation of BIP91 and Segwit2X, and whether a Bitcoin hard or soft work is still a possibility. Danny, Eijah, and Trace are all in Las Vegas getting ready for DefCon.

  • 07-23-17 The Crypto Show



    On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show” Matthew Carano of SwarmCity joins us to fill us in on what SwarmCity is all about for listeners who may have joined the show since we last talked about SwarmCity a while ago, and he tells us about some new developments that are in the works concerning SwarmCity as well. He always gives us a breakdown of the recent Ethereum hack to the tune of $32 million, of which SwarmCity was one of the victims. We also discuss the Bitcoin block-size issue and Matthew’s rather minority perspective on Bitcoin, one which caused him to put his money where his mouth is.

  • 07-19-17 The Crypto Show



    On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” we talk to our first-hour guest journalist and author Brian Patrick Eha about his new book “How Money Got Free: Bitcoin and the Fight for the Future of FInance,” We discuss his background in journalism and how he first got into crypto,, and then he details the circumstances surrounding the first article about Bitcoin that he ever wrote, for which he interviewed the likes of Charlie Shrem, Ira Miller, Erik Voorhees, Roger Ver, and others during their days at BitInstant, and which article became the basis for his current book. We discuss media bias and distortion when it comes to Bitcoin and major Bitcoin players, and we have a conversation about the philosophy and economics behind BItcoin. We then fast-forward to get his take on the future of Bitcoin in light of the block-size issue and other things, and as well as on the viability and usefulness of altcoins.

    In the second hour we interview Joel Valuenzela of Dash Force, one of the new Dash “sub-DAO’s,” and its related Youtube channel, “Dash Force News.” We discuss his long-standing Austrian School/sound money background as well as his entry into crypto, and he explains why is such a strong believer in Dash and why and how he got more directly involved in the Dash digital cash project. He turns us on to, in which you can buy giftcards for a 15% discount but only using Dash, and he informs us about the number and types of businesses that already accept Dash, a surprisingly large number. He also briefly details how he lives on Dash alone. Danny also joins us from his second trip across the country to promote Dash and crypto to cannabis businesses, while he gives us a brief rundown of the current cannabis conference he is attending.

  • 07-16-17 The Crypto Show

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