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12-17-10 AxXiom for Liberty


Mike McNeil – First up will Be Mike McNeil, an advocate for Constitutional government from Lawton Oklahoma. Mike will tell us how we can stop our local government from getting away with unorthodox practices that are eating away at our representative form of government. With less than a handful of watchdogs and a little courage, the people of Lawton did just that and you can too!

Robert Guest – Speaking of Watchdogs…Our next guest makes for a high powered combo. What do you get when you mix a staunch lover of liberty and a criminal defense lawyer? You get Robert Guest! Robert Guest is a Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyer who keeps a sharp eye on Texas’ criminal justice system. What he will share with us will be very helpful for anyone who wants to learn how to keep a closer watch over those who are watching us so closely.




Hour 1 Andrew Griffin sits in.



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